4 ways to teach your kids about the importance of road safety

Looking for fun ways to educate your children about road safety? We bring you 4 ways to teach your kids about safety and traffic rules to be followed when on the road, either while traveling in a vehicle or street safety when walking.
1. Rules of the road- More important that knowing the rules of the road, it is essential to inculcate in kids the right attitude towards road safety.
• While they play with toy cars teach them about types of vehicles and their speeds. Use this as an opportunity to talk about the dangers of speeding and rash driving.
• Also tell them how to differentiate between main roads, highways, side lanes etc. Point out to them pavements, zebra crossings, over bridges, underpasses, road signs and blind spots on roads.

2. Rules inside the car- Teaching children how to ride safely in a vehicle is a crucial part of road safety.
• First rule in the car is putting on the seat belt. A great way to demonstrate why a seat belt is a must, even on the back seat is for parents to do a role play which the kids can observe. Sit on a chair and pretend the car is moving slowly. Then act as if the brakes were pressed really hard and fall off the chair, to show what happens when you don’t wear a seat belt. Even though your child will have a good laugh it will be a lesson they will remember.
• Second rule in the car for kids is sitting still. If your child is one of those who jumps around in the car distracting you while you drive then we have an idea for you to teach your child how annoying their behavior is. When your child is playing with the toy they love the most, go and distract them with something else. When they get frustrated by your actions explain to them this is exactly how you feel when they fidget in the car diverting you from the road.
3. Safely does it on the bus- School bus safety tips are key as this is the mode of transport your child will normally use every day.
• Teach your kids about waiting for the bus at the designated spot patiently, avoiding playing games and keeping away from the road. While getting on the bus ask them to form a line, ensure the bus has stopped before getting on and not to push others in front of them. Once in the bus ask them to grab a seat quickly and stay in the seat till the bus stops. If they have to get up ask them to hold the railing or seat.
• Bags should be placed in the lap or under the seat and not in the aisle to avoid tripping. While getting off the bus ask them not to shove and get out carefully. After they get off they should wait away from the edge of the road till the bus has moved away. Stand clear of the bus while it is reversing or taking a turn and wait till the bus has gone past and the road is clear before they try to cross the road.
4. Walking smartly- An important part of road safety for kids is training them to stay safe while walking on the roads.
• Cross only at pedestrian crossings or traffic signals after making sure the road is clear of oncoming traffic. If kids are small they should be instructed not to try and cross the road themselves. While crossing at a traffic intersection they should look at the traffic lights- stop at the red, look out for the amber and go only when the light is green.
• Walk on the pavement on the edge away from the road. If there is no footpath then walk facing oncoming traffic, keep as far away from the road as possible and walk in a line and don’t crowd the road. Hold hands with younger kids while walking on the roads.

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