5 Amazing Fun Learning Activities for Kids in the Classroom

With too much focus on academics, classrooms often become dull and boring place to be. It’s important for schools to bring fun learning activities for kids in the classroom and incorporate them with academics to build a positive atmosphere around classrooms and promote overall development of kids.

Flip Books: A creative and fun learning activity for kids

Flip books are a great way to instill creativity in students. A flip book is a primitive form of animation, a book with a series of pictures that vary gradually from one page to the next, so that when the pages are turned rapidly, the pictures appear to be in motion. Kids are always up for different activities at school and such fun learning activities for kids in the classroom like making flip books help them to use their imagination and create beautiful stories.

Origami: The ancient art of paper folding that makes learning creative and easy.
Origami, the ancient art of paper folding, is making a comeback. Researchers have found that origami helps in engaging kids and enhancing their logical and sequential thinking skills. Teaching Math and Science can be made a fun learning activity for kids in classrooms through origami. Origami provides kids an opportunity to solve a problem, solution of which isn’t prescribed. It has also been shown to improve spatial visualization skills which help kids to comprehend and create their own world.

Spelling Hunt: Fun learning activities designed to help kids with their spellings

Children often struggle with spellings. But learning and writing spellings can be turned into fun learning activities for kids in the classroom by intermingling learning spellings with creative games/contests/quizzes. Flashcards, multimedia, spelling hunts and story writing is some ways to help students in learning their spellings well.

Painting & Drawing: Two of the most amazing learning activities for kids to put their imagination on paper
Painting & Drawing are two very enjoyable and fun learning activities for kids at home and in school. These activities are interesting as well as relaxing. These activities not only help students work imaginatively but also improve their memory and communication skills, help the kids to express their emotions and make kids observant. Such activities are best learning activities for 3 year old kids.

Storytelling: An interactive way to make your child confident and communicative
The best way to teach kids new things at school is by storytelling. Creating stories around a topic makes it interesting and understandable and helps students to imagine and concentrate more on what is being taught. Storytelling helps kids to get closer to their roots and culture, improves their listening skills, memory and verbal proficiency. Reading and writing stories make academic learning easier and are the two most fun learning activities for kids in the classroom.

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