5 Interesting Learning Activities For 3 Year Old Kids

It takes a lot of efforts to parent 3 year olds and encourage them to participate in educative activities. It is imperative for parents to channelize their kids’ energies in right direction. Here are 5 most favored and interesting learning activities for 3 year olds.

Drawing & Painting
Drawing and painting are amazing learning activities for 3 year old kids as these allow them to enter their own world of possibilities. Kids who immerse themselves in art showcase a strong state of concentration. Art also helps in building self-esteem and improving communication skills of kids.

Alphabet Museum
Let your kids learn alphabets by creating a museum of their own. They can create their own graphics and put it in their museums. This would enable learning while playing. Parents can also create interesting items for their kids’ tiny museums. Alphabet Museum is undoubtedly an innovative and fun learning activity for kids of age 3.

Songs, rhymes and stories

Kids have strong auditory senses and are able to grasp new words, actions, etc. vary easily. Educating a child and making him more communicative becomes effortless through songs, rhymes and stories. These learning activities for 3 year olds make them more focused and good listeners and learners.

Nature exploration
Parents should make their 3 year olds spend time in gardens and parks and let them play around freely. This would help them come close to nature and learn more about it. Parents can also teach their kids about different types of leaves and tress in the parks. Such fun learning activities for 3 year olds make them more curious and perceptive about environment.

Learn about your food
3 year olds often are very choosy when it comes to food. But at the same time, it’s the right age to get your little ones acquainted with the taste of healthy food items and benefits of good eating habits. There are many learning games for kids that teach them about different fruits and vegetables and their benefits through amusing pictures and videos. Such educational games for 3 year olds would push them to develop good eating habits.

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