Are your kids tired of being cooped up indoors in the rains already? Here are 5 innovative ways to have some rain fun! All you need is a few basic supplies and your enthusiastic toddlers.

1. Measure how much it rains with a DIY rain catcher– Cut a two litre plastic bottle from the top. Ask your child to make equal spaced lines all along the bottle with a permanent marker. Help them number the markings and place the rain catcher in an open area to measure rainfall. Let your child keep a notebook to see how much is rained each day.
2. Create rain art by painting with rain drops- When you think it’s just about to rain, take your kids outside and place chart paper squares on the pavement. Place dry powdered paint on the paper and wait for the rain drops to swirl the colours. Take the art inside to dry before it gets too wet.
3. Catch an indoor rainbow- Fill an empty clear bottle ¾ th with water. Add a squirt of liquid washing soap then quickly overturn the bottle and pour the water out. The bottle will be left with bubbles which will look normal to being with. Wait and watch for rainbow coloured bubbles which grow stronger. Help your child identify the colours in your indoor rainbow.
4. Indoor cloud in a jar- Fill an empty glass jars 3/4th with water, add a generous layer of shaving foam to the top. Pour liquid colour over the shaving foam cloud with a dropper. The colour will make its way through the cloud and colour the bottom of the jar. This is a great way to demonstrate how rain drops make the cloud heavier and flow down.
5. Fun indoor activity time- Help your child read a book or have an amazing time learning with Curious Cobo’s latest surprise filled activity box!

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