5 Reasons Your Kids Are Always Bored !

Wondering why your kid is always bored, has more virtual than real friends, gets frustrated easily, lacks patience and finds it difficult to focus? Here are 5 reasons why more kids are behaving like this.


1. Technology– the virtual baby sitter! Almost every parent is guilty of outsourcing parenting to the gadget. Constant graphical stimuli on screens make it hard for kids to cope with mundane life and focus on normal things. Be wary of the virtual parent and limit gadget time.

2. I want it now-the instant gratification tantrum! As parents, we feel guilty of not spending enough time with our children and make up for it by giving into each demand made. Remember if your kids get everything they want, they won’t appreciate the value of things. Being able to cope with delayed gratification and the ability to wait patiently for what you desire is the key to success.

3. Who is the boss?- Not you but your kids rule! Do your children’s likes and dislikes dictate your choices? Learn to distinguish between your child’s wants and needs. Your kid needs the right nutrition to grow well and needs to study hard to get good grades whereas they might want to play and eat junk. You have to decide what is best for them.

4. Everything has to be fun- Parents want to keep their kids engaged all the time with fun games and make each moment worthwhile. This emphasis on fun makes the child miss out on learning to deal with the ordinary. Children get easily bored and frustrated because they have never known what being still is like. Let your child get bored and learn to get comfortable with the mundane.

5. Lesser friends in the real world- Instead of going out to play if your child is glued to the TV or a gadget then without meaningful social interactions you child will not be able to develop social skills. Encourage them to spend time outdoors and develop their social skills.

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