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Are you as a primary caregiver or parent accustomed to using TV as one of the main toys to keep your infant, toddler or school going child busy? Studies worldwide show that children on an average watch 30 hours of tv every week and most experts feel this is too much. While child TV programs are marketed as educational television shows, experts believe that TV watching can cause harm to babies and infants. Curious about the effects of watching too much tv on the brain development of your


4 ways to teach your kids about the importance of road safety

Looking for fun ways to educate your children about road safety? We bring you 4 ways to teach your kids about safety and traffic rules to be followed when on the road, either while traveling in a vehicle or street safety when walking. 1. Rules of the road- More important that knowing the rules of the road, it is essential to inculcate in kids the right attitude towards road safety. • While they play with toy cars teach them about types of vehicles and their speeds. Use this


Worried About Your Child’s Gadget addiction? Watch This Video To Know The Solution !

[video width="720" height="360" mp4=""][/video]   Wherever you go, be it a friends house or a relatives place you see kids hooked on to smartphones and gadgets.It makes one sad to see how smartphones today are causing  the social alienation not only of adults but also of children around us. Children in the age group of 2-6 years spend only 4-5 hours in their pre and primary schools and spend rest of


Why Are Educational Toys For Kids Important ?

The development of a child goes through many stages. Children learn about many things after being born. This learning occurs when they interact with the world and make a sense of it like learning how to sit, walk and then run. Learning about how to recognize people, place and things. The first step towards all this is taken by playing with toys. Experiential learning: Kids are not born with the knowledge about gravity. Playing with toys initiates this learning. Kids



Playing is important to children. It is the way they practice growing up. Toys are the tools children use in play. Toys can be purchased, or they may be as simple as kitchen pan lids or paper sack puppets. Anything children can play with safely can be a toy. In fact, you may have watched infants open presents and noticed that they spent more time playing with the ribbon and wrapping than with the toy inside. Try to remember two or three of your own favourite toys when you were still a child.


4 life lessons you can teach your kids from the Olympics

Olympic fever has gripped the world. This is a great time to expose your children to a host of sports, cultures and help them learn the hardships involved in competing and winning.   1.Experience competition- The games provide an opportunity into take a peek into the lives of competitive athletes, totally different from the lives most children lead. The tremendous effort that goes in, not only by the athlete, but the countless sacrifices of their parents and siblings


5 Interesting Learning Activities For 3 Year Old Kids

Follow my blog with Bloglovin It takes a lot of efforts to parent 3 year olds and encourage them to participate in educative activities. It is imperative for parents to channelize their kids’ energies in right direction. Here are 5 most favored and interesting learning activities for 3 year olds. Drawing & Painting Drawing and painting are amazing learning activities for 3 year old kids as these