Top 10 Cool Ideas For Birthday Gifts For Boys

Are you confused about what to gift the birthday boy and what return gifts to give to his friends? Well here are some cool ideas for birthday gifts for kids.

Car Wooden Toy Set
Little boys love to move around their toy cars at homes. Why not gift them wooden car toy sets for their birthdays? Car sets make best birthday gifts for boys under the age of 3.

Space or nature exploration is one of the most enthralling activities for kids. A pair of binoculars is a really cool birthday gift for boys. Push your kids to explore the clear skies, nature, and wildlife with binoculars and let them get lost in the vastness of our planet and its creations.

Story books
Story books make great birthday gifts for kids. You can help in building knowledge in your kids by inculcating reading habits in them. Gift them interesting story books illustrated with images. Story or comic books can also be used as return gifts for birthday party.

Magnatabs are fun tools to help your child create and learn. These can be used to create and learn shapes, alphabets, numbers and other objects. These make really cool birthday gifts for boys and can also be presented as return gifts other little kids in the party.

Lego Bricks
Let your kids learn new words, alphabets and how to make structures through Lego. It allows for an amazing range of play opportunities to kids. Lego Bricks is among the best birthday gifts for boys. Lego bricks help in developing fine motor skills, a sense of pattern, symmetry and measurement in kids. It lets kids to create some stunning projects out of it.

Globe Bank
Kids love to keep money banks and fill them with them with their pocket money. So why not give them a globe bank instead of a piggy bank. Globes are great learning tools to make kids aware about different continents, countries and oceans. A globe bank as a present is an excellent idea for your kid’s birthday party.

Personalized Notebooks
Let your child pen down his notes/thoughts in a personalized notebook. A personalized notebook is a very special gift. Also, if you are looking for return gift ideas for birthday then personalized notebooks make a great choice.

A Planting Kit
A Plant kit is a wonderful birthday gift for boys who love nature and gardening. Gifting kids with planting kids is a great way to educate them about nature and also it gives kids the freedom to grow and maintain their own mini garden in their courtyards.

Do you wish to build your kid’s stamina? Well, cycling works as great exercise for kids and would be the perfect birthday for boys as well as girls. Cycling not only helps kids to stay fit but also improves their road and direction sense.

A collection of audio books

Audio books would be the best birthday gift for kids who love to read and learn more about the world. Kids can actually add content to their collection as and when they come across new audio pieces via internet.

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