Worried About Your Child’s Gadget addiction? Watch This Video To Know The Solution !

Wherever you go, be it a friends house or a relatives place you see kids hooked on to smartphones and gadgets.It makes one sad to see how smartphones today are causing  the social alienation not only of adults but also of children around us.

Children in the age group of 2-6 years spend only 4-5 hours in their pre and primary schools and spend rest of the time at home.Parents find it extremely difficult to engage these kids productively.

Parents though aware of this serious problem are finding it increasingly difficult to keep their kids away from TV and gadgets for reasons like :

1. Lack of time to spend with kids because of lack of work – home balance.

2.Difficult to go to the market every now and then and buy toys and games for kids.Even when an effort is made most of the toys available in the market are either battery operated making funny sounds or boringly educational.Hence kids lose interest very soon.

3.Difficult to find materials which are suggested on blogs to make creative projects at home.

So what’s the solution?Is there any?Of course there is !

Curious Cobo, a company which creates age specific activity boxes for kids in two age groups -3-5 & 5-8 years.These boxes come packed with material for 4-5 learning activities and games which are based on a new theme every month.

These activities are designed by experts in early child hood development and are developed in such a manner that they keep the child hooked for hours together.

Conceptual clarity through hands on learning in the principle on which these activity boxes are based and they help in the development of crucial skills like fine motor,gross motor,hand eye co-ordination and creativity to name a few.

The team at Curious Cobo tests these boxes with 50-60 kids and only when this team of kids says that the activities are fun and enjoyable are these boxes sent into production and then delivered all across India.

These boxes can be bought by taking a subscription for 3 or 6 months and are delivered right at your door step all across India.


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